CfP: Gender, Law and Economy in Early Modern and Modern Europe

Call for papers:

8th Conference of the European network:Gender Differences in the History of European Legal Cultures


Gender, law and economy in Early Modern and Modern Europe (15th-19th century)

 University of Rouen Normandie, 17-18 November 2016

Maison de l’Université, salle des conferences, Place Emile Blondel, Mont St Aignan

The aim of the 8th conference of the network Gender Differences in the History of European Legal Cultures will be to analyse the consequences of different European juridical systems on the development of specific economic roles for men and women. At the core of the comparative analysis, at the European scale, there will be the different economic evolutions of European regions in the early modern and modern times. Customary laws characterized Northern Europe and Roman law characterized Southern Europe, but at the local level there were many differences, depending on urban statutes, craft rules, family structures, political and economic systems.

The conference will question the narrative of the “great divergence” between the economies of Northern and Southern Europe in relation to the opportunities that different juridical systems gave to women and men to act in the society as economic actors. Were they so different? Were women allowed to play a public role, recognised at an institutional level? Which role did women’s property play in the urban economy? And how did a specific kind of marital economy influence the economic development? Are “industrious” and “industrial” revolutions useful tools to understand the economic development and, if it is the case, are they related to specific juridical systems?

Please send suggestions for contributions in the form of an abstract in English or in French (3000 characters max) by July 30th 2016 to : and to

For full details follow this link: ENGL_Rouen_CFP_2016



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