Call for applications: Postgraduate Workshop on Apprenticeship and Transmission of Knowledge



X Seminar of Ph.D. Studies on The sources for European Economic History (13th-18th centuries)


ArezzoFraternita dei Laici

3-7 July 2017

The Universities of Lille (IRHiS Lab) and Rouen (GRHIS Lab), in collaboration with ANR, IUF, Grand Réseau de Recherche-CSN, Université Paris-7 «Denis Diderot», Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine (CNRS-ENS-Université Paris-1), Fraternita dei Laici of Arezzo and the University of Siena (DSFUCI of Arezzo) offer 15 scholarships to young scholars – Masters 2, Ph.D. students, post-doc from within the European Community – dealing with the following research themes : apprenticeships, transmissions of knowledge, their connections with labour market and guilds in pre-industrial  Europe. The scholarships will cover expenses for food and accommodation.

This call for applications is also available in French (appel-arezzo-2017) and in Spanish (bando-arezzo-2017).

Over the span of five working days, the X session of the Doctoral Seminar of Arezzo will investigate “Apprenticeships and transmissions of knowledge in Europe (13th-18th centuries)”. Starting from this intentionally broad cover-title, this theme will be investigated in particular structures and attitudes of organisations connected with workers’ training and the transmissions of practical knowledge and know-how within the multiple sectors of European economy (including the areas of artistic production) during the Low Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Matters such as the importance of family and social networks, the role of women in transmitting practical skills and, more generally, the multiple links between apprenticeship, talent and artistic creation will also be investigated.

Papers and lectures will be given in Italian, French, English and Spanish. During their presentations in any of the above mentioned languages, both teachers and students will be expected to provide power-point presentations in a language different from the one they usually speak. Such presentations should give a close idea about what primary sources and method have been employed, together with technical notions and vocabulary related to the topic they are exploring.

The Seminar will be organised in two daily sessions:

  1. During the morning, there will be two lectures by teachers coming from European universities and scientific institutions.
  2. In the afternoon, students will give their (30 minutes long) presentations. All papers will be followed by a discussion.

Candidates should send their application via e-mail to the following address, no later than 15 May 2017.

Their application should be in the form of a dossier including:

– a hand-signed request of participation;

– a curriculum vitae (2 pages long) together with a brief hand-out and work phased break-down of their current on-going research;

– title and summary (4.000 characters min.) of their afternoon presentations;

– one letter of reference.

The Scientific Committee will have the option to also select and welcome other participants, provided they are prepared to personally contribute to their expenses for their food and accommodation, and will strongly motivate their research interests for attending the Seminar. Applicants winning a scholarship will be informed by 1° June 2017. Attendance is compulsory.

For information, please contact Riccardo Cella, researcher of the project ANR/FNS GAWS (Apprenticeship, Work and Society in Early Modern Venice, XVI-XVIII centuries), email :

 Scientific Committee: Mathieu Arnoux, Anna Bellavitis, Jacques Bottin, Amedeo Feniello, Franco Franceschi, David Igual Luis, Antonella Moriani, Valentina Sapienza.



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