Book Review: Travail féminin: Retour à l’ordre! L’offensive contre le travail des femmes durant la crise économique des années 1930 [Women’s work: Back to order! The offensive against women’s work during the economic crisis of the 1930s] by Céline Schoeni

This recent book review by Carmen Sarasua will be of interest to everyone researching gender and work. You can read the full review online at Feminist Economics. The book deals with changing female labour-market participation rates in Switzerland and France in the late 1920s and 1930s, through periods of rapid economic growth, the Depression, economic recovery and two world wars. Sarasua presents it as an exemplary study of economics and economic institutions, one that pushes beyond the boundaries of official, conventional narratives to offer a deeper understanding of economic, demographic, institutional and cultural variables. She also judges it to be an important contribution to the history of feminism and feminist organizations, so well worth a read!